Data policy

APS Data Policy

The Albert Park Singers hold limited data on members solely for the following purposes that are necessary to operate the choir:

1.    Your name, which we use to record in a spreadsheet whether you have paid your subscriptions and hence are entitled to attend singing sessions.

2.    Your email and home address, when you have provided this, to allow you to be informed:

  • if there are any issues regarding forthcoming sessions, e.g. cancellations due to weather conditions or unavailability of the Musical Director;
  • the dates and other information regarding future sessions and concerts;
  • the issue or return of musical scores.

In no circumstances will your data be passed on to others outside APS without your permission.

Your membership is conditional on us being able to record your name so that we can track who has paid to attend sessions. However, if you object to APS holding your contact details you do not need to provide them, but we will then be unable to contact you for the purposes listed above. If at any time you want your data deleted, please contact the APS’s Membership Secretary.